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In the first week of the new decade, an emergency phone call shatters Chicago Private Detective Smokey Dalton’s hopes for a good 1970. His adopted son Jimmy and Jimmy’s best friend and cousin Keith Grimshaw need help.

Smokey arrives at a South Side hotel across from the boys’ school in time to clean up a horrible mess, one the boys mostly solve on their own. But the boys’ heroic actions echo across all of Chicago. Smokey finds himself standing alone against street gangs, the mob, and the Democratic Machine.

If he fights this battle and fails, he stands to lose not only Jimmy and their future together, but also his life.

“Easy comparisons can be made to Dave Robicheaux, Spenser, and Easy Rawlins, but Smokey is his own man. Women want to be near him and cook his dinner as he settles his nerves with three fingers of Scotch. A great read for fans of detectives guarding an inner city’s grimy streets.” —Library Journal

“Dalton’s hard won small victory vividly illustrates a turbulent period of our recent cultural history.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“… a gripping read that drags us deeper into [Smokey] Dalton’s uneasy world.” —Entertainment Weekly on War at Home

Acclaim for the Smokey Dalton Series

• Edgar Award nomination
• Shamus nomination for Best Private Eye Hardcover Novel
• Winner of two Spotted Owl Awards for Best Mystery by a Northwest Writer
• Oregon Book Award Nomination

Ebook available from your favorite ebook seller and trade paperback available from your favorite bookstore.

Praise for the Smokey Dalton Series

“Nelscott’s series setting, in the turbulent late ’60s, gives her books layers of issues of racism, class, and war, all of which still seem to remain sadly timely today.” —Oregonian

“Nelscott has her own, very distinct voice, and her series creates its own deeply satisfying pleasures and cogent points.” —Seattle Times

“Nelscott is good at conveying the edgy caution that blacks once brought to their movements among white society.” —Houston Chronicle

“(A) crime writer deliberately taking chances.” —Chicago Tribune

“It’s not hard to draw parallels between Nelscott’s PI Smokey Dalton and Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins, another secretive, canny black man trying to solve mysteries while circumspectly navigating the white world.  But Dalton’s no knock-off.  (Would you label the hundreds of hard-boiled detectives who’ve appeared in Raymond Chandler’s wake mere Marlow Xeroxes because they’re white?) —Entertainment Weekly

Recent Posts

A New Short Story!

FR-Past-Crime-ebook-cover-e1416097653793I’m pleased to announce that I have a new short story out in Fiction River: Past Crime.  Surprisingly, the story is not set in what we normally think of as the Civil Rights Era. The story’s set in 1918, also an important time in civil rights, but long forgotten. I hope to write a lot more set in this time period. I flirted with it in Days of Rage, telling a little of Chicago’s 1919 history. But there’s so much more! “The Monster in Our Midst” takes place in the South, and the main character is based on Walter White–not the character in Breaking Bad, but on a courageous historical figure who has been mostly forgotten.

FR-Kobo-Special-Past-Crime-ebook-cover-e1416097615100Past Crime is a marvelous anthology, with lots of stories that you’ll enjoy. The anthology comes in two versions. The regular version, which you can get as an e-book or a trade paper on any online retailer, is wonderful. But honestly, the second edition is better. It’s only available as an ebook from Kobo (or if you subscribe to Fiction River). Click on the links, and give the anthology a try.

And one more note: I have just set up a newsletter so you can receive updates about the projects I’m working on. I promise that I won’t spam you. I’ll only let you know when something major has appeared. So, if you’re interested, please click on the updates link. Thanks!

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