A New Short Story!

FR-Past-Crime-ebook-cover-e1416097653793I’m pleased to announce that I have a new short story out in Fiction River: Past Crime.  Surprisingly, the story is not set in what we normally think of as the Civil Rights Era. The story’s set in 1918, also an important time in civil rights, but long forgotten. I hope to write a lot more set in this time period. I flirted with it in Days of Rage, telling a little of Chicago’s 1919 history. But there’s so much more! “The Monster in Our Midst” takes place in the South, and the main character is based on Walter White–not the character in Breaking Bad, but on a courageous historical figure who has been mostly forgotten.

FR-Kobo-Special-Past-Crime-ebook-cover-e1416097615100Past Crime is a marvelous anthology, with lots of stories that you’ll enjoy. The anthology comes in two versions. The regular version, which you can get as an e-book or a trade paper on any online retailer, is wonderful. But honestly, the second edition is better. It’s only available as an ebook from Kobo (or if you subscribe to Fiction River). Click on the links, and give the anthology a try.

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