• Winner, Spotted Owl Award for Best Mystery by a Northwest Writer, Days of Rage, 2007.

• Winner, Outstanding Achievement Award from Wisconsin Library Association, Stone Cribs, 2005.

• Winner, Spotted Owl Award, Stone Cribs, 2005.

• Winner, Herodotus Award, Best U.S. Historical Mystery, A Dangerous Road, 2000.



• Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine’s Readers Choice Award, Fifth Place for “Blaming the Arsonist” (by Kris Nelscott), 2017.

• Edgar Award, Best Mystery Novel, A Dangerous Road, 2000.

• Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine’s Readers Choice Award, Fourth Place for “Sob Sisters” (by Kris Nelscott), 2014.

• Oregon Book Award, Stone Cribs, 2004.

• Oregon Book Award, War at Home, 2005.

• Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Book Award, Smoke-Filled Rooms, 2001.

• Shamus Award, Street Justice, 2015.

• Shamus Award, Days of Rage, 2006.

• Spotted Owl Award, Thin Walls, 2002.

• Spotted Owl Award, War at Home, 2006.



A Dangerous Road chosen for the New York Public Library’s prestigious 2002 Books For The Teenage List.

Smoke-Filled Rooms chosen as one of Booklist’s Top Ten Mysteries of 2001.

Thin Walls chosen as one of the Chicago Tribune’s best mysteries of 2002.

• Days of Rage chosen as one of the top ten books of 2006 by Kirkus.